Bagels & Pineapples

Monday, February 27, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Bagels are now becoming more and more popular here in Germany. So much so that it is quickly taking over the French croissant and the Italian ciabatta!

Morning Snack:
Today I decided to give Soeri a taste of his first Bagel. I toasted it in the toaster and spread his beloved cream cheese over it. I then spread a thin layer of honey over the cream cheese.
Last night we cut up a real sweet and juicy pineapple and he got a nice box full for the snack box. He normally drinks the Actimel at home for breakfast, but as he wanted herb tea today, I put the Actimel in his snack box. As a treat he got some of those delicious and sweet dried cranberries.

Afternoon Snack:
As his morning snack was pre-dominently sweet, I decided to give him some Tuc crackers spread with (what else) cream cheese and a chunk of butter cheese Bonbel. Half a banana and 100% fruit mousse - Apple/Strawberries, tops off the afternoon snack box.


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