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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Posted by Mansi

Berries are a super-house of healthy nutrients, and right this moment, it is raining fresh berries all around California, and probably in several other parts of the world where the Heat chart has gone up, and Summer has officially set in! I simply cannot resist picking up the cute baskets loaded with strawberries, blueberries, goji berries and blackberries that line the fruit aisles. And though I am a hard-core sweet-tooth person, this craving for cooking with berries has introduced me to several sweet & savory berry treats, along with desserts. Check out some of the advantages of including berries in your summer diet, and then head on to explore some delicious recipes that I've specially bookmarked for our DT readers! (Image courtesy of Wikimedia)

5 reasons to Eat Berries
1. They are the best source of anti-oxidants, packed in a fruit full of flavor!
2. Most berries, like strawberries, contain as much Vitamin C as Orange Juice, which is great for the immune system and for growth of connective tissue.
3. Berries are the best low-calorie snacks filled with nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, folate and other vitamins.
4. The colored pigments, or flavanoids, contained in berries help reduce diseases and infections, as well as reduce risk of cancers.
5. Dark-colored berries also contain Lutein, which helps improve your eyesight.

And most importantly, they are so full of flavor, and can be used to make so many mouth-watering delicacies, whether you prepare something elaborate, or just slice them and top them with yogurt or cream, Berries are indeed Good Eats!

Berry Recipes
Start off your day with these delicious Raspberry Mega Scones from 101Cookbooks. These giant and bright red scones look and smell wonderful, will serve each member of your family, and will be a breakfast feast that they'll boast about for a lifetime!

If you want to load up on the goodness of all the different kinds of berries at once, try this Berry Tart from SimplyRecipes. With ingredients like Mascarpone, Orange Marmalade and Berry liqueur, its hard to say no to this recipe!

For those looking for non-sweet options, this Savory Berry Compote by Rachel Ray looks like an innovative twist. Flavored with different kinds of berries along with onions, lemon juice and a hint of ginger & thyme, it sure sounds adventurous and intriguing at the same time!

Then there's the Spicy Blueberry-Citrus Marmalade over at Sunset Magazine that I found interesting. The flavors gel so well together, and it would be a perfect spread for breads, toasts, warm muffins or scones! A great way to pack in summer flavors in one exquisite recipe.

If you are looking for a lighter and low-calorie version of a berry pudding, here's my version of Baked Strawberry Pudding that you can find at Fun and Food. Baked with macerated strawberries, and topped with whipped cream, fresh fruit and chocolate sauce, its a treat you'll cherish even after its over!

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I figured berries were good for you but didn't realize they had all of those benefits, great information! Will have to try and do a better job of incorporating those into the diet. Thanks!

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