Magical December

Monday, December 03, 2007

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Isn't December simply a magical month?

Candles, sparkling lights, smell of baking and spices, presents, family, food and so much more! We love the month and are counting down to Christmas just like you.

The whole Daily Tiffin team is so excited that we decided to share our joy and Christmas cheer with you.

All throughout December we'll be writing articles focusing on Christmas. As a matter of fact those regular readers might already have noticed we've started to spread the joy of Christmas and given you a few decoration ideas, we've also helped you tackle those Winter blues.

But there's more ... we'll be helping you with gifts, decorations and much more throughout December. So hope you will join us on the Daily Tiffin as we spread the Christmas spirit with a few great articles.

There's a little more going on behind the scenes here. We've got a few new members and contributors who will be joining us in the next few months. Last week we introduced you to our rooster and today I would like you to welcome two wonderful ladies.

Vicky Zhou will be joining us as a regular contributor. I am sure you ladies and many gents will love her. See Vicky is a dating expert, but I'll let her tell you a bit more about herself.

A bit about myself.. let's see. I'm half-Japanese, and was born in Tokyo. I lived in China for 5 years, and then in Brazil for 1, and since then, I have lived in the United States. My father was in the military, so generally we moved to where he had to work. As a result, I know a fair share of languages - Japanese, Chinese, some Spanish, and English of course.

I graduated with a BS from NYU, and a Masters degree in Journalism from UCLA. Since then, I have been spending my time doing freelance writing, and personal projects. I am currently occupied with writing my first book, and starting my own dating advice site at

Stay tuned for Vicky's first article this week. Pssssst! This one's going to be for all the men out there - ssshhhh!

The next lady probably needs no introduction at all. Lydia Walshin has that Perfect Pantry I am sure everyone wants. She is also the great mind behind Drop In & Decorate a great charity event.

Here is a bit more about Lydia:

I write the lively blog The Perfect Pantry and am a professional food writer. I am a contributing editor of Rhode Island Monthly magazine, where I write a monthly column called Local Flavor. Author of one cookbook -- South End Cooks: Recipes from a Boston Neighborhood -- I currently teach cooking classes at Rhode Island School of Design, a world-famous art college in Providence, Rhode Island (because artists make great cooks!), and also teach classes for adults and children in my log house kitchen. A long-time hunger relief activist, I am the founder of Drop In & Decorate Cookies for Donation, and a co-founder of Will Paint For Food, which works to help end hunger through education, outreach and food distribution. Oh -- and I am a grandmother of 4!

Lydia will start as a new Co-Admin in January, on her birthday, January 16th!

We do have one more person that we are really excited about but we would like to clear up the last few details before we introduce you to her. So, watch this space for more news!

If you want to know more about all our members and contributors check out our Hall of Fame!

Are you interested in contributing to The Daily Tiffin? Drop us an email: We look forward to hearing your ideas.


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