Christmas: It's in the Decoration

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

What's in and what's not? Traditional or modern? Are these the type of questions you ask yourself and the rest of the family each Christmas?

After all a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and a warm and inviting home is one of the major things about Christmas. I have friends who start planning their Christmas decorations in November! As for me I believe I have found my style and it suits my family and me very well. Although I do pay close attention to what is happening on the Christmas decoration scene, finding my own theme is very important. It's something I too would seriously recommend because I have seen how quickly something good can get real tacky.

And that is something no one wants on such a special day.

Christmas decorations for the home and tree are often subject to the what's currently en vogue with regards to colors and impressions. I decided to put together a few ideas and themes that might help you find your own style for the perfect Christmas decoration.

Traditional Red
Clearly the classic choice. Rot epitomizes the color of Christmas in every way. It is ceremonial and radiates warmth. You can decorate with baubles, ribbons, bows, candles and tinsel. Combining red with gold or silver you'll add a warmer (with gold) or a cooler (with silver) touch.
For me I always seem to combine red with more natural items. It gives the whole look a homier feel. I often use straw stars, wooden figures, dried apples, oranges and limes, nuts and spices like cinnamon, cloves and star anis. I just love the wonderful aromas that linger in the air throughout the Christmas time. And it all comes from the decoration! This is what I have been decorating with for several years now and each time our eyes beam with joy when the tree is lit up.

Silver, White and Grey
With this combination you will conjure up a more modern and elegant decoration. Use ribbons in different widths, tie up bows below the candles or use unobtrusive angel hair. I am sure you will find a large variety of decorations in this color.

Brown and Beige
This is the hottest trend this year. I also do have to say that I was very tempted to try out this theme this year. It looked so gorgeous and rich in the stores. It gives a warm and cosey feeling all around. Depending on your taste you can add cream or white colored highlights to your entire look. I decided to stick to my usual decoration for the simple reason that I am not sure where we will be celebrating Christmas next year. There might be a move for us sometime next year and I just did not want to go out and buy an entire new decoration set. Otherwise this would have been my choice this year.

Table Decorations
For me an extremely important part of Christmas is the table decoration. There is nothing like gorgeous decorations and centerpiece to set the perfect accent to your dishes.

If you, like I have decided on the classic red theme then use cream or beige colored plates and combine with cream and red napkins. For the natural highlight I will be adding some holly, berries, and once again those wonderful aromatic spices. On the table spread a few straw stars and put up a few red or cream colored candles.

For the more modern look in silver, white and grey use mistletoe tied in bunches and place on white colored plates. In a large bowl place white, silver and grey baubles around a bunch of long white candles. These can be tied with beautiful satin bands.

If you are using the trendy brown and beige colors, then I would suggest adding a natural note here too. You can use wooden stars, pine cones and cinnamon sticks. Here too I would suggest using cream or beige colored plates and dishes with mocha colored napkins. You can simply roll the napkins and tie them with natural bast.

For my own centerpiece I am using a wreath made of natural grapevine. I tied a bit of fir branch and a twig with red berries. Then I simply glued some cute wooden figures, dried apples, oranges, limes, cinnamon and star anis for the final aroma. Easy to make and looks ravishing.

And finally, if you are now looking for something edible to place on those lovely plates I have the perfect Christmas menu for you:

Chestnut Potato Soup
Apple Glazed Duck Filets with Pomegranate Red Cabbage
Coconut Mousse With Mango Coulis

Hope you enjoy your Christmas. Happy decorating and happy holidays!

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This Post was written by Meeta from What's For Lunch, Honey?


omg, meeta, you have so much detail in your decorations. they look so festive. lazy bums like us don't decorate.

mery christmas to you, tom and soeren.

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