Inside A German Bakery: My Breakfast Rolls

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

I call them my breakfast rolls simply because I enjoy these rolls for our relaxing Sunday morning breakfast.

On most occasions Sunday breakfasts are a bit more relaxed than our weekday routine. We kick back and make sure we take time for this important family ritual. Often our breakfast will be a typical continental style breakfast with half boiled eggs, cheeses, ham, salami, honeys and jams/preserves.

Then there simply has to be a variety of freshly baked rolls from our baker. We are blessed really - as Herr Becker's bakery is open even on a Sunday - a luxury in Germany where everything is closed on this particular day. So when Tom comes back from his Sunday morning jog he has a bag full of rolls and we can smell the wonderful aroma as he enters the house. Of course coffee is already freshly brewed, the eggs are the perfect 6-minute-egg and my homemade preserves are colorfully displayed on the table.

Although there are always several varieties of rolls to choose from, I typically enjoy this one. It's made with rye flour, yeast and milk - no big deal really - but the taste of this roll paired with my special strawberry chili preserve is out of this world.

Strawberry Chili Preserve

900 g strawberries - washed and coarsely chopped
2-3 red chilies - cut in half lengthwise and the seeds removed, then finally chopped
100 g Black current liqueur
500 g Dr. Oetker gelling sugar

Incorporate all the ingredients in a saucepan well. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring continuously and cook on a high heat for approx 3 minutes.

Remove from heat. Immediately fill the mixture into sterilized jars with twist-off lids. Place the jars upside down for about 5 minutes. Allow to cool completely then store in a cool dry place.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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This Post was written by Meeta from What's For Lunch, Honey?


Hi Meeta
here we too have fresh rolls bought from the bakers on a saunday morning. it is called pistole.

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