Tiffin Tuesday: Spring in the lunch box

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

I can't help it! I am so enjoying the fact that spring is here that I have to sneak a bit of it everywhere. My photos, my food, even the lunch boxes are not spared. This time of the year is so fantastic and I think I have been spending too many hours at our Farmer's Market lately just gazing at all the colorful food and flowers they sell.

The most enjoyable part of this season is all the fun things we can do with Soeren. It's been a few weeks of a wonderful learning process for Soeren in many aspects. An example is the mastering of riding the bike without the side wheels.

He finally braved up enough courage to get Daddy to take the side wheels off and after a few rough starts he had it down within a few tries. It was a true feeling of pride I felt as I saw my son with his huge crash helmet on that bike pedaling off into the horizon! The coolest thing was his own pride:

"Mummy, it's working! I can do it without the wheels!"

Now, my favorite pass time with my son is getting our bikes out and going for a short tour around the park. This is such a fantastic experience for me too. I am sure many mums will understand this: I often do not have the "quality" time Daddy has. Even when playing with Soeren at home, I need to mulit-task to get the chores, dinner etc. all done. Going for a bike trip with a little picnic in our backpacks is a very special time - just for mummy and son. And I am cherishing every little moment this Spring.

The lunch box idea today also reflects not only the season but my mood. Colorful and fun.
Prep Time: 7-10 minutes
I had made the spinach and fennel loaf on the previous evening and all I needed to do this morning was cut up two relatively thick slices. I added some herb flavored quark as a refreshing spread. You can also substitute any flavored cream cheese for this too.
A few organic grapes, raspberries and strawberries make a colorful fruity mix. The banana was a leftover from his breakfast muesli as he only wanted to have a half cut up in it. As a treat a cream filled chinois with chocolate chips.

The spinach and fennel loaf is a fantastic light dinner time meal. You will find the recipe here.

Hope you too have the chance to spend some wonderful moments with your family. Enjoy the week.

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