Apple Mousse & Chinois

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

I have been inspired by The Vegan Lunch-box to get this blog going. I know from a lot of mums that they are always looking for new, creative and nutritious snacks to go into kiddies lunchbox everyday. Not time consuming but they have to be tasty, right?

We are not a vegan household but try and eat healthy and well balanced meals. Of course we all sin every now and then;-) My little 3 year old Soeri (Soeren) loves to eat but can be picky.

Here is my first post:

My first two lunchboxes contain:
Morning Snack: Tasty rye bread with cream cheese, a slice of turkey breast and slices of full boiled egg. To go with it I cut up some carrots and a chunk of cheese. The apple mousse I make by peeling and grating sweet apples. Add a small squirt of lemon juice so it does not turn too brown.
Afternoon snack: Juicy orange wedges and a mini chinois.

The idea behind these Daily Tiffin bits is not only to give others ideas, but also to get feedback from others. What could I do better or what other suggestions do you have? This could turn out to be quite helpful as it could be a means to swap ideas and try out new lunchboxes.

So, here's to our lunchboxes


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