Childcare - What To Look For!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Posted by Meeta K

After weighing the different childcare options we as parents have for our children the next step is often considering all the issues involved before making the final choice.

Whether visiting a nursery/Kindergarten, interviewing a nanny or having a meeting with the childminder there are certain specific things that we should look out for.


  • A quiet place/room where the children can have naps or relax.
  • A set and clear daily routine for the children.
  • Children's artwork displayed on the walls.
  • Food and drink. Do children get a well balanced lunch? What are they offered to snack on. Are the drinks offered sugar free and healthy? Have a look at their weekly menu plan.
  • A variety of toys that are clean and help the child develop.
  • An appealing, safe and large outdoor garden or play area.
  • Carers who enjoy being with children and their work. Do they listen and take notice to the children? Do they answer their questions?
  • Children interacting with each other well.
  • Proper feedback from the carers. We need to know what our children do all day.


  • Qualifications and experience.
  • References from previous employers. Get written references from the previous employers and even talk to them if possible.
  • Attitude. The nanny should have a cheerful and positive way about her and show real interest in the child's development.
  • The nanny should have a clear idea about how she plans to take care of the child. Give her input for planning a daily routine, food and discipline.


  • Registration certification and references from other parents.
  • A clean and attractive home where the children feel comfortable. There should be a park or a garden available where the children can get out during the day.
  • Flexibility. Every child is different and has different needs. How does the childminder manage and approach the children?
  • Routine. Is there a defined routine for the children to follow?
  • Does anyone else live in the house and will they have any kind of interactivity with the child?
  • Does anyone smoke in the house?
  • Are there any pets in the house? (in case the child has allergies etc.)

With these basic thoughts and issues you can easily plan out a checklist and a few questions you would like to ask before you meet with the relevant child-carer.

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