Pretzel & Pineapple

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Posted by Meeta K

Got an email for a loyal blog reader yesterday evening. She mentioned that she watched a very interesting report about Germany on TV. They talked about the great places to visit and of course the food. Although I have admitted this in the past before, I do like some German dishes but I do not count the German cuisine really as my favorite. However, what I do LOVE is the German bread. In the comments from yesterday's tiffin there was pure happiness as HN found a German bakery in DC. I hope you come back and tell us where it is just in case there are a few others out there in the DC area.

We also talked about doing a little review on German bread. Well, I have been playing with the idea for a while and think now is the time to stop playing and get into action. I will spend the next few weeks taking pictures and writing notes about the breads i use at home and sometime in the future will do a post about it. What do you think?

So, when we talk about German breads, we cannot forget the Pretzel. That is what Soeren got in his lunchbox today. Honestly, I only managed to fit half in there but for the picture took the whole ;-) It is spread with cream cheese and with that a "Knacker" which is a nice thin salami. A container full of pineapple so juicy and refreshing and a wonderful (half) organic banana. When you have tasted an organic banana you never want to go back to the other stuff. Today' treat a soft spongy chocolate cake.

Adult Variation:What withe the pretzel and salami this is such a lovely and almost traditional German lunchbox I would not want to change a thing. Just in case you want something more filling. Did you know that you can fill the pretzel like any sandwich? Give it a go and let me know what ideas you came up with.

Happy lunching!


I'm looking forward to your review of German breads! I love bread but since I live alone I can't buy too much of it, because 90% would get thrown away. I freeze what I buy, but I have lots of other stuff to freeze as well. I'll have to enjoy all of the delicious breads vicariously through your blog and posts on the flickr groups.

Liz (stinky_harriet) said...
June 30, 2006 at 3:06:00 AM GMT+2  

Hi Meena!
Here's the German bakery info in Washington DC. I never made it there yet because the Mapquest directions were wrong and I got lost. However I plan on trying again soon with camera in hand and will post photos and a review of the bakery on my blog!

Anonymous said...
July 2, 2006 at 5:11:00 AM GMT+2  

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