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Yoga and Knowledge are the two method for dissolving the disturbances of the mind. Yoga is control of the movements of the mind. Knowledge is clear observation of them.

Meditation is the essential and culminating practice of the greater system of yoga. Ayurveda as mind - body medicine promotes meditation as one if it main therapies. Much of Ayurveda's popularity comes from its emphasis on meditation and related techniques of mantra and pranayama. Yet meditation proper is a subtle state that is hard to reach. It requires that we first harmonize the body, prana and the senses.

Meditation is our ability to contact our true self and consciousness which is the source of life and intelligence.Conversely, meditation is the ability to clear out the negative aspects of our consciousness, harmful subconscious habits and impulses and also roots out those which are harmful and intractable.

Meditation is an important tool in ayurveda for healing the mind but its benefits extend to the body and mind as well.It reduces the psychological root or complication of the disease process, which always exist to some degree.Ayurveda prescribes meditation as a part of its lifestyle regimens both for health maintenance and life-enhancement.

Aspects , considerations and general format for meditation.

Meditation is a way of life that rests in certain procedures. One does not simply sit down to meditate suddenly all at once any more than one simply, without training, takes up a brush and begins a paint as an accomplished artist.

It is always good to have a special room / place for one to meditate.The room should be , well ventilated and have natural light.Well decorated rooms with water, incense , flowers , fragrant candles is always a plus. One can decorate the room with holy books, special pictures so as to have a spiritual energy. An office or a study room can be used , but not a basement or bedroom.

One should have a comfortable seat or chair for meditation and sit facing north or east. One can use a rosary or a necklace of bead for repeating affirmations or mantra if one is performing a meditation chanting mantras instead of silent meditation. It should be done on a regular daily basis, just like eating and sleeping. Best days for meditation are Thursday , Wednesday , Monday and friday. Best times to meditate is early morning or before dawn. Sunrise and sunset are also good periods.Many people find sunset to be the best time because by that time of the day the main work is done and one can look within.Immediately before sleep is another time to clear the mind.

Follow meditation in the morning with asanas or walking or mild aerobic excercises. Follow it with sleep in the evening, so that a deep sleep can ensue.Avoid disturbing the mind after evening meditation. Do not practice after eating , especially a heavy meal. Practice it for atleast 15-45 minutes. Most important thing is consistency of practice.

General Format:

1. Sit in a comfortable posture with an erect spine, which can be a specific yoga posture like the lotus pose or sit in a chair for those who cannot do this. Without a comfortable and relaxed posture, it is very difficult to meditate.

2. Energize the breath through pranayama. This directs out the energy internally, which gives us more power for meditation. It can be done by any form of appropriate pranayama.

3. Hold a visualization for a few minutes to clear the sensory field and focus the mind internally. Visualization may be of a helpful color , a geometrical design, an image in the world of nature .

4. Repeat an affirmation to increase positive thought power, like calling up your soul's inherent freedom from pain, unhappiness and bondage. Or perform some prayer for healing or inner growth.

5. Silently observe the mind and let it empty itself out. The meditator should take the role of a witness and learn to look at the contents of the mind, just like watching the waves and debris flow down a rapidly moving stream.

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This Post was written by Dee from Ammalu's Kitchen


nice read Dee! meditation is a spiritual uplifting, and should not be related to age; it really relieves stress and makes you rejuvenated; I hope more people are aware of its healing powers after reading this:)

Mansi said...
October 3, 2008 at 1:33:00 AM GMT+2  

Dee - I often do some yoga in the evenings. It's the best way to come back down after a highly string day! These are a few great suggestions Dee!

Meeta K. Wolff said...
October 8, 2008 at 1:43:00 PM GMT+2  

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