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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Photo: Power Breakfast by Meeta Albrecht

I am sure after all that eating over the holidays your waistline is tweaking just a little around the sides. All those delicious cakes, cookies and meals does need to settle themselves somewhere. Mostly they decide to take refuge on our hips or adding to those love handles!

I went to the gym yesterday after what seemed to be ages. Today I feel a slight satisfaction when certain movements cause my muscles to ache just a bit. Remember my last post? Well one of my goals is to do more sport than I did in 2006.

A great way to start the day is with a nice nutritious breakfast. Especially for us mums who are constantly on the go, this is incredibly. A nice filling breakfast goes a long way and often will stop you from nibbling in between meals.

So I thought I would share my favorite breakfast with you. It's easy and just takes a few minutes to make (if you have all the ingredients at home).

You need:
A handful of oatmeal, a few Kellogs Special K cereal, almond slivers, coconut chips, raisins, dried cranberries and cherries, a few table spoons low fat natural yogurt, low fat milk.

Here's how you prepare it:
In your favorite bowl mix all of the dry ingredients together. Top off with the natural yogurt and a dash of milk.

There are many variations to this and you can just about add anything you like. On mine I added a tiny helping of pureed fruit that I keep frozen. In the summer months I make several different types of pureed fruit to use with things like crepes, croissants or as a topping on ice-creams or yogurts. These are the same fruit purees that I often use in Soeren's lunchboxes too.

Here's how to make quick fruit puree:
Take any of your favorite fruit. I like using apples as a base and then adding anything that I have on hand. Peaches, pears, raspberries, strawberries etc. Put the fruit into a pot add a tiny bit of water and a dash of honey. Cook until the fruit becomes mushy and then using a pureeing machine or a blender finely puree the fruit. Place in small containers and freeze.

Have you heard of FitSugar.com? It is one of the fab SUGAR websites and focuses on health. I found a few interesting articles all in the effort to keep us fit through 2007! LOL!
Yogalites - A mix of yoga and pilates.
Miso Soup burns belly fat - The brown seaweed found in the miso may be a fat fighter.

And of course our own BlogLily's advice to replenishing the cake platter with fruits is unbeatable!

Keep fit!

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This Post was written by Meeta from What's For Lunch, Honey?



Simple and great recipes. But a few suggestions based on what I know and have heard from others (am not sure if a scientific proof exists)

1. Honey should never be cooked. Coz, the antioxidants in honey get destroyed by the heat.
2. Yogurt should not be eaten with milk. It causes the milk to curdle.

Happy cooking :)


Anonymous said...
January 10, 2007 at 9:52:00 PM GMT+1  

Hi Sandhya,

Thank you so much for your feedback. It means a lot that you have mentioned these important facts.

To 1. Honey is now known for its antibiotic, antioxidant and antiviral capabilities. In fact, honey contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, which is believed to be the main reason for its anti-microbial activity. Furthermore, raw honey contains glucose oxidase, an enzyme that produces a mild antiseptic when mixed with a bit of water. This enzyme is destroyed by heat and pasteurization. That is why it cannot be found in commercial honeys as these honey are heated and sterilized while manufactured. This was the information I recently found on the internet.

To 2. I know that Ayurveda advises against taking milk with sour fruits, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, and fish because the action of hydrochloric acid in the stomach causes the milk to curdle. The milk in my cereal however, does not curdle. As it is a dash of milk, it helps to make the mixture a little thinner.

There are many opinions, thoughts, methods and ideas on how to prepare the food you eat. Whether one is a Ayurveda fan, Dr. Atkins freak, or on the South Beach diet in my opinion a good balance is always the answer to everything. Over-doing something or going to extremes either way does not necessarily mean it is healthier. You should feel comfortable with what you are doing and what works for you might not work for another.

Look forward to hearing other opinions on this.

Meeta K. Wolff said...
January 11, 2007 at 7:38:00 PM GMT+1  

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